Buying and Selling is your specialty while get your specialty moving is ours...

While Buying and Selling have been done, deciding a most efficient and cost effective transportation option can be very challenging for you...

No worries, at Horizon Star, our experts work with you to create an unique solution that is flexible in the same time results in the most highly reliable service in the whole industry.

Being a non-asset based global logistics provider, Horizon Star partners with worldwide key air, ocean and ground carriers to provide you with customized and integrated global transportation solutions, Our better price and much more professional service along with the ability to offer more consistent transit and lift options really make your specialty moving.

Horizon Star offers multimodal transportation solutions, such as Sea+Air and Air+Sea. Multimodal options provide greater flexibility in both timing and price. In addition, for those urgent or specialized shipments, we have taylored logistics options to keep your valuable shipment always visible and moving through your supply chain.

In order to better support your ever-changing logistic needs, we are consistently evolving our professional services with the development of customized value added solutions, such as: direct delivery, time service, cross dock, temperature control, garment on hanger, project cargo.

If you wan to know more about how we can provide you with the better routing and pricing options, please just contact us.